Mythical Pokemon 2016 - Who's Who: DARKRAI


Mythical Pokemon 2016 - Who's Who: DARKRAI

Let's take a brief look at who's coming out to play in 2016 Mythical Collection boxsets:

DARKRAI - Release date: May 2016

(Japanese: ダークライ Darkrai)
Generation IV


Officially revealed in February 2007, Darkrai is a Dark-type Mythical Pokemon resembling a dark, sinister ghost, a bit like the Grim Reaper!

Also known as the Pitch-Black Pokemon, Darkrai represents the New Moon, which symbolizes fear, helplessness and nightmares. Darkrai is a living nightmare, or a manifestation of many nightmares.. Are we still talking about a kids show here?

In terms of appearance, it has a red spiky growth around its neck and a long white mane flowing from its head. Its club-shaped arms have three claws each, with parts of them appearing tattered. It is able to extend stilt-like (spider-like?) extensions to use as 'legs'.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

It is a member of the lunar duo with Cresselia, who is a Legendary Pokemon.

Darkrai possesses the power to lure people and Pokemon into deep sleeps and show them frightening nightmares.

Its signature move, "Dark Void", attempts to put all opponents to sleep. Its ability, Bad Dreams, slowly damages sleeping opponents every turn, and Platinum states that this is really just a defense mechanism. Because of its excellent offense, speed, and its signature move, Darkrai is not permitted in standard battling.

Darkrai resides on Newmoon Island (a mirror-image of Fullmoon island in which Cresselia resides), and on nights of the new moon, when it is active, it shows horrible nightmares to both humans and Pokémon. Platinum states that despite all this, it means no harm and is loyal to the ones it trusts. It apparently resides on Newmoon Island all by itself because it does not wish to harm anyone.

  • DP104: Sleepless In Pre-Battle!
  • DP183: League Unleashed!
  • DP184: Casting a Paul on Barry!
  • DP188: Battling a Thaw in Relations!
  • DP189: The Semi-Final Frontier!
  • MS10: The Rise of Darkrai

In the games, it can be found through an event in which the player receives a member card to the mysterious inn in Canalave City, which is usually locked. On entry, the player is greeted by a man who says "Greetings [Name], we have a reservation for you. Right this way." and he puts you to sleep on the bed there.

The player then appears in a dream in which you are on New Moon Island next to Full Moon Island. Here you will encounter Darkrai. When you interact with it, you'll battle it and you can catch it. After you catch or defeat it, you wake up and the man from the inn is gone. When you walk out, go to the Pokémon Center, and if you caught Darkrai in the dream, it should be in your PC.


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