The Most Popular Pokemon Character Has Been Crowned.. And It's NOT Pikachu!

The Most Popular Pokemon Character Has Been Crowned.. And It's NOT Pikachu!

For over a month Japanese Pokemon fans have been voting in a Pokemon 'general election' to decide the country's favourite Pokemon. They had all 720 Pokemon to choose from, and with their votes the power to have the winning Pokemon distributed at screenings of the upcoming Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna film out later this year. 

More than half a million Japanese Pokemon fans weighed in, and the results have just been announced at a special live ceremony in Japan.

So, let's count down the top 25 fan-favourite Pokemon characters:

25. is Shaymin!

Shaymin kicks things off, just making it into the top 25. 

24. is Magnemite

A surprisingly high entry for Magnemite who takes out almost 700 other Pokemon to nab itself a place in the top 25.

23. is Kyurem

The legend that is Kyurem comes in at number 23.

22. is Kyogre

Legendary Kyogre floats in at number 22.

21. is Reshiram

Showing the widespread popularity of the legendary characters, Reshiram was voted number 21.  

20. is Manaphy

Maybe it has something to do with Manaphy's killer "Heart Swap" move, in which it switches players energy with an opponent. This little heart-stomper is at number 20.

19. is VICTINI

The victory Pokemon is at it again, being crowned number 19th! 

18. is Keldeo

Keldeo is everyone's favourite Pokemon unicorn at number 18.

17. is Hoopa

Hoopa, to us at any rate, is a little too close in resemblance to one of those creepy fare clowns everyone hates. We would have quite liked to see this spot go to another (maybe Lugia?)

16. is Diancie

 Fairy Pokemon are always crowd favourites, and lovely, little Diancie is no exception at number 16.

15. is Lucario

One of our personal favorites, Lucario has no doubt been helped by his awesome movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! 

14. is Darkrai

The list is a Mythical Pokemon smorgasbord! The 'living nightmare' that is Darkrai is in at number 14.

13. is Jirachi

We wish (see what we did there?) that Jirachi had placed higher, but still a very respectable number 13.

12. is Eevee

Who doesn't love Eevee? Just look at that little face! Well, Pokemon fans defiantly do and have taken Eevee straight to number 12.

11. is Mewtwo

I don't think anyone doubted that there would be a place near the finish line for Mewtwo, who just missed out on a top ten spot.

10. is Zygarde

From Generation VI is another Legendary Dragon, this time in the Forme (sic) of Zygarde!

9. is Meloetta

Meloetta waltzes in to take number 9.

8. is Rayquaza

Yet another Legendary Dragon Pokemon makes it to the top of the pile.

7. is Genesect

The Pokemon cyborg that nobody dares mess with has intimidated his way to 7th place. 

6. is Charizard

Now this is more like it (yes, we have a terrible Generation I bias, we're trying to work past it..). The mighty Charizard comes in at number 6.

5. is Sylveon

Eevee and all it's evolutions have proven themselves to have an unending popularity.

4. is Pikachu

Well, Pikachu may not have taken the top spot (what were you thinking people??!), but he came in a very respectable fourth place. You'll always be our winner Pikachu.

3. is Mew

At Number 3 is the one and only Mew.

2. is Arceus

Well, he is a God after all..... Need we say more?

Number. 1 ...  Greninja!

And that leaves the number 1 spot, which goes to Greninja! Greninja pulled in an impressive 15 percent of the overall vote. As well as securing the title of Most Popular, Greninja will receive a special Pokemon distribution campaign this summer. 
There's a heavy mythical Pokemon presence in the top 25, presumably because it's the 20th anniversary and they are featuring strongly in Pokemon merchandise at the mo. Celebi is actually the only mythical collection Pokemon not to make the top 25.
In our humble opinion the top spot should have been a toss up between Mew and Pikachu, but what do we know!
What do you think? Did the right Pokemon win?



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