Mew Code Giveaway - Don't Miss Out On Your Chance To Own An Elusive Mythical Mew

Mew Code Giveaway - Don't Miss Out On Your Chance To Own An Elusive Mythical Mew

The Pokemon company, in a display of absolute awesomeness, has sent out copies of their monthly Trainer's Club Newsletter containing gold dust in the form of a unique code to download Mew, the first ever mythical Pokemon. 

This is actually the second chance players will have to obtain a copy of the elusive Mew, with Mew codes previously being distributed at stores in February. This newsletter giveaway is to give players who missed that promotion a second chance at owning their very own Mew. 

Players had to sign up to the Trainer's Club Newsletter last month in order to receive the email.  The Trainer's Club code is good through August 31st.

This all ties in to the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebrations that are going on throughout 2016.

If you were one of the lucky ones who nabbed Mew the first time round then you won't be able to use the redeemable code as it's technically for the exact same Pokemon. 

Meanwhile, European players are also getting a second chance at Mew via a much simpler option.  Players that live in the PAL region (which includes Europe, Australia and parts of Africa and Asia) can use the code "MEW2016" to receive the same copy of Mew.

Players that already have Mew can still receive their monthly mythical Pokemon by using the Mystery Gift function to receive Manaphy, which is available through June 24th.


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