Is Popplio The Most Hated Pokemon Character Of All Time?

Is Popplio The Most Hated Pokemon Character Of All Time?

Shortly after the new starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon were revealed yesterday, the internet exploded with love for our new found pocket monster friends. Well, mostly ...

Rowlet (the owl) and Litten (the cat) were showered with seemingly endless positive tweets, comments, and enthusiastic fan art. Fan reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with Pokefantics freaking out about Litten’s perfect name, and Rowlet’s cute, little leafy bowtie

But, wait.. Aren't there three new starter Pokemon? Well, it seems Pokemon fans have written off poor Popplio, our third and final new starter Pokemon, who's making quite a splash for all the wrong reasons.

Fans reactions to the design of this new Pokemon have ranged from lukewarm indifference to out and out loathing. It's true he's pretty funny looking, whereas the Pokemon community tend to like their Pokemon out-and-out cute, or out-and-out bad ass looking. The artist's pen has not been kind, giving him a more comical than cute appearance, with ridiculous, clown-like nose and an odd, frilly neck, coupled with a general bumbling appearance. 

But all is not lost for this goofy guy. Oshawott suffered from the same fan fury when he was first released. It probably didn't help that it looks like the love child of Piplup and Mime Jr, but I digress.. This underdog status endeared him to the hearts of many, and will no doubt do the same for Popplio.

Well, we here at the Pokemart would like to take this opportunity to officially declare ourselves Team Popplio! And, we'll finish with a cute pic of him to emotionally blackmail you to do the same :)




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