Three New Pokemon From Pokemon Sun & Moon Revealed

Three New Pokemon From Pokemon Sun & Moon Revealed

Nintendo used its Treehouse presentation at E3 to debut three new Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.


The first Pokemon we are introduced to is Pikipek, a dual-type Normal-Flying Pokemon. Pikipek special abilities include "Keen Eye" and "Skilled Link."

In the video compilation that Game Freak put together to show off the new Pokemon, Pikipek can be seen attacking the already long suffering Popplio, one of the new starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Yungoos is next to make our acquaintance. Yungoos is a Normal-type Pokemon that's name and appearance both resemble a mongoose. 

Yungoos has already received quite a bit of attention online from Pokemon fans who have suggested that it bears to some similarity to a certain US presidential candidate. We couldn't possibly comment ...

It has a couple of special abilities including "Stakeout" and "Strong Jaw." In the video, he can be seen landing a particularly hard head-butt on Litten, another new Sun and Moon starter Pokemon.


Grubbin is last to feature in the video, a Bug-type Pokemon that, to us at any rate, has a ant like appearance. Maybe ant/crab? It's special ability, called "Swarm," is showcased in the video.

Let's not forget the new Mythical Pokemon

On top of announcing these Pokemon, Nintendo showed off a little more of the mythical steel-type Pokemon, Magearna. Her special ability is called "Soul-Heart". In a two-on-two Pokemon battle, Magearna is seen taking all of the energy from her recently fainted teammate and using their life energy to land a critical blow.

Pokemon Moon and Sun will be available on the 3DS Nov. 18, 2016.



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